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How do I handle interface active monitors?

The problem When you discover network devices using default settings, an active monitor is added for each interface the device has. Active monitors are enabled for the interfaces that were active during the discovery scan, and the others are sitting there disabled. The problem with this approach is that when an access switch is scanned, you may potentially end up with a bunch of monitors you do not care to…

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How do I monitor all of my Windows services?

The problem Out of the box, WhatsUp® Gold does not monitor any Windows services. There is a built-in active monitor type called “Service Monitor” which allows you to create monitors for each individual service that is critical to you. But, what if you want to monitor every service on every system without manually creating monitors for each unique service name? The solution I worked this script up in a hurry…

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How do I monitor ESXi hardware?

The problem Out of the box, WhatsUp® Gold does not monitor ESXi hardware in any capacity; even with the Virtualization monitoring add-on. However, there are many different ways you can use custom monitors in WhatsUp® Gold in order to effectively monitor ESXi hardware. Think about the ‘Health Status’ tab in your VMware environment. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all of those things monitored in WhatsUp® Gold as…

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WhatsUp® Gold Dashboard Management

The problem Since the days WhatsUp® Gold began having dashboards, there has always been one major shortcoming. That is, the impossibility to setup your own “default dashboards” through the GUI. Let’s say you wanted every user that logged into your WhatsUp® Gold environment to have a specific set of dashboards. You would need to ensure the user was created and/or logged into WhatsUp® Gold through Active Directory integration and then…

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How do I use IFTTT with WhatsUp® Gold?

You can do a lot with the If This Then That (IFTTT) integration which is now built into WhatsUp® Gold. This specific example has come up quite a bit recently, so I figured a write-up would come in handy. Keep in mind there are nearly limitless options with what you can do with IFTTT, with additional vendors hopping on-board on a monthly basis. 1. Begin by setting up your account…

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Geolocation in WUG using Leaflet.js

*THE LATEST FILES CAN BE FOUND ON MY GITHUB* By now you’ve probably seen the Google Maps integration that was setup quite some time ago for WhatsUp® Gold. I decided since Google began requiring credit card information in order to obtain an API key, it was time to look into possible alternatives. What I found is that there are many alternatives ranging from free to ‘freemium’, none of which require…

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What is network monitoring?

A network monitoring solution is an application which ensures the availability of your systems. The network monitoring solution will notify you if there is any problems with your systems, so that your business can achieve the highest possible uptime.