WhatsUp® Gold Dashboard Management

The problem

Since the days WhatsUp® Gold began having dashboards, there has always been one major shortcoming. That is, the impossibility to setup your own “default dashboards” through the GUI. Let’s say you wanted every user that logged into your WhatsUp® Gold environment to have a specific set of dashboards. You would need to ensure the user was created and/or logged into WhatsUp® Gold through Active Directory integration and then copy/share dashboards to that user. The big problem with this is time investment necessary from the WhatsUp® Gold administrator. What if the dashboards for all of your users needed to be updated? There is not even a workaround for this, as you can’t delete/replace users dashboards without logging in as that user and doing some cleanup work. In WhatsUp® Gold v2016 and below, you also couldn’t even copy a dashboard to multiple users at once. This problem was addressed with the v2017 release, and that could now be accomplished in the GUI. The other problems however apply to both v2016 and below as well as v2017 and up.

The solution

I created programs using AutoIt in order to help people struggling with this problem. Yes, programs with an S. This is because dashboards in v2016 and below are completely different than the redesigned dashboards in v2017 and up. The program works by interacting directly with the WhatsUp® Gold database which is not supported. If you encounter any problems with the program(s), you can reach out to me here or on my GitHub here. Yes, the source is open for you if you’re familiar with AutoIt you can modify as you please. Also feel free to request new features and I will work on them when I can. Note that I have done pretty extensive testing of the programs already but obviously I can’t cover every conceivable scenario out there as just one person.

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